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  • Parent/Caregiver Education 

  • AAC Implementation Plans 

  • Designing of low tech/no tech communication systems

  • Programming of high tech AAC systems

  • School training for professionals: ​​

    • Examples of topics:

      • Modeling and Aided Language Stimulation ​

      • Core and Fringe Vocabulary 

      • Classroom Implementation Strategies 

      • Project-Core 

      • Application and Device specific trainings

  • Consultations for school districts 

Service Funding: 

Garden State AAC Specialists will provide a detailed billing invoice, including ICD-10 and CPT codes, to each family monthly to submit for reimbursement, upon request.

Equipment for Evaluations:
  • TobiiDynavox i-12 Commununication Device with eye-gaze 

  • iPad mini, Standard iPad, iPad-Pro 

  • Proloquo2go 

  • TouchChat 

  • Speak For Yourself 

  • Proloquo4text 

  • Predictable 

  • Snap+Core First 

  • GoTalk

  • PODD Communication Books  

  • Switches 

  • Loaner devices from PRC, Talk to Me Technologies, Ablenet and Logan Technologies when needed. 


  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication System Evaluations:  Includes full assessment of current functional communication skills, expressive & receptive language skills, trials of communication systems, recommendations of an AAC System & a parent training session. 

  • Functional Communication Evaluations: For individuals who already have an alternative form of communication, this assessment will identify current functional communication skills, receptive and expressive language, and identify areas that need to be worked on to expand one's communication skills.  

  • Evaluation Methods Used:

    • Direct Assessment using structured language tasks and through play routines

    • Observation in natural environments

    • Questionnaires 

    • Formal Assessment Tools: DAGG-2, Functional Communication Profile-RevisedCommunication Matrix​​​

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  • Individualized therapy sessions typically one hour in length 

  • Therapy focuses on the following areas:

    • Linguistic Skills​: the receptive and expressive language development and knowledge of the linguistic code that is needed for use on the AAC system

    • Operational Skills: the skills required to use an AAC system 

    • Social/Functional Skills: skills that are involved in communication, such as skills in initiating, maintaining, and terminating communicative interactions in a socially, culturally, and contextually appropriate manner

    • Strategic: special skills that are unique to AAC based communication, such as the ability to gain the listener's attention prior to selecting a symbol on a communication board checking for partner comprehension,and repairing communicative breakdowns


We offer AAC evaluations, therapy and training for families and schools.  Our mission is to provide the best evidence based practices to meet the individual communication needs of the client.  Garden State AAC Specialists understand that communication needs go beyond the therapy room.  We stride ourselves in providing a plan to assist the communication needs of your complex communicator across all of their environments.  We believe in creating a unique augmentative communication system and plan based on the users needs and abilities.  No complex communicators' needs are the same and we recognize that.  We look to motivate and engage those with complex communication needs, giving them something to communicate about!

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