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AAC Therapy, Coaching, & Consulting Services in New Jersey

Supporting individuals, families, & schools on the Augmentative and Alternative Communication journey.


Garden State AAC Specialists believes that every child, teenager, and adult has something to say and the right to say it - whether through speech, gestures, signs, pictures, or selections on an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device. We are passionate about working with individuals who are non-verbal and training family members or school staff members to feel confident using AAC systems during daily routines and interactions. Together, we can help communication grow!

Matching each child to their best-fit communication system

Supporting non-speaking individuals & complex communication needs

Partnering with clients, families, & schools on the AAC journey

Private Speech Therapy

Evaluations ~ Therapy ~ Caregiver Coaching

Considering each child's unique qualities and skills to determine their best-fit communication system.

School Services

AAC Evaluations ~ Consulting ~
Professional Development & Training ~
School Contract Services

Meet Melissa

Melissa Donovan, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist
AAC Specialist & Assistive Technology Practitioner

Melissa is a mother, AAC specialist, and adjunct college professor with over 12 years of speech therapy experience. She knows that children who don't have a physical voice still have so much to say, and she is passionate about finding the right communication system for each of her clients.

Melissa's therapy approach emphasizes the power of connection. She participates in each child's interests and gets on their level to help them say what they want to say, whenever they want to say it, however they can say it best. Through a combination of direct speech therapy, parent coaching, and school consultation services, Melissa provides a voice to those who are unable to speak.

Melissa Donovan, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP
Melissa Donovan, M.S., CCC-SLP, speech therapist and AAC specialist in New Jersey
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Are you ready to get started with Garden State AAC Specialists?


Call or email Garden State AAC Specialists to set-up a free phone consultation. We will discuss your needs or concerns and share about our service options. We may also schedule an AAC evaluation.


Complete intake paperwork at least 48 hours before your first session. We will complete an AAC evaluation over 2-3 sessions and make speech therapy recommendations. A loaner AAC device will be provided at this time!


Begin caregiver coaching and/or direct speech-language therapy sessions! Together, we will ensure that everyone feels comfortable implementing AAC within your child's daily routines and life activities. 

AAC user in the community using talker to communicate

Anywhere that works best for YOU!

Clinic ~ Home ~ School ~ Online ~ Community

Garden State AAC Specialists is conveniently located in Flemington, NJ. Our clinic is a warm and welcoming environment for your child to play and learn new communication skills!


Additionally, we travel to provide speech therapy services in the most beneficial setting for your child - at home, school, or local community programs. Our goal is to support communication during all of your child's natural daily activities and help them share their ideas with family members, friends, and teachers.

"Melissa truly provides exceptional support to staff and students throughout an AAC user's communicative journey."

Melissa has performed AAC evaluations for students in our district. Melissa's evaluations are conducted using a variety of measures and consider all characteristics of the student across settings. Her reports are detailed and comprehensive, ensuring that staff and family understand her findings. She also includes thorough recommendations, including rationales, suggested AT, where to purchase the AT, and implementation plans. Melissa truly provides exceptional support to staff and students throughout an AAC user's communicative journey. Melissa is an active member of our school district's team, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her to facilitate the communication skills of our students.

~ Public School Speech Pathologist

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