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AAC Therapy & Evaluations


Our private speech therapy services often begin with a comprehensive AAC assessment. Through a combination of observations, questionnaires, and formal assessment tools, we will identify your child's unique communication needs and create a therapy plan that helps them express themselves anywhere - at home, school, and beyond.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluations

An AAC evaluation is appropriate for anyone whose verbal speech is not sufficiently meeting their communication needs. Our goal is to describe current communication skills, identify receptive and expressive language challenges, and match each client to their best-fit communication system. As a part of this process, we provide AAC device trials, a parent training session, and a loaner device for you to use at home if needed.

Functional Communication Evaluations for Current AAC Users

For individuals who already have an alternative form of communication, we will complete an assessment to identify and describe current functional communication skills, receptive and expressive language abilities, and areas that may benefit from support. This process gives us valuable information about how they are currently communicating and allows us to expand upon their communication skills.

Equipment & AAC Programs for Evaluations

  • TobiiDynavox i-12 with eye-gaze 

  • LAMP

  • Dialogue

  • Grid

  • iPad mini, Standard iPad, iPad-Pro 

  • Proloquo2go 

  • TouchChat 

  • Speak For Yourself 

  • Proloquo4text 

  • Predictable 

  • Snap+Core First 

  • GoTalk

  • PODD Communication Books  

  • Switches 

  • Loaner devices from PRC, Talk to Me Technologies, Ablenet, Logan Technologies, and Tobiidynavox

Child using tablet for communication
"Communication is the essence of human life."
-Janice Light


Garden State AAC Specialists believes that with the right tools and plan, every individual can communicate.  We follow your child's lead in therapy and incorporate their interests to promote motivation, connection, and engagement. We also get parents and family members involved in the process to support communication development between speech therapy sessions!

Overall Language Skills

We support receptive and expressive language development in order to help our clients understand and use their robust picture vocabulary. Our sessions also integrate literacy skills that are needed for reading, spelling, and  written expression. 

Social & Functional Skills

Social and functional communication skills are important for building positive relationships and advocating for one's self. We help our clients initiate, maintain, and terminate communication in a variety of ways and situations.

Operational & Strategic Skills

We teach the technical skills required to use an AAC system, as well as important strategies for getting someone's attention, checking for partner comprehension, and repairing breakdowns in communication when needed.

Family AAC Coaching & Training

Garden State AAC Specialists is dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, and family members become confident in supporting their child's AAC journey.  We provide in-person and virtual AAC training sessions to give you opportunities to ask questions, observe implementation techniques, and then practice those techniques with your child at home.  Our guided sessions will help you:

  • Feel confident in your ability to use your child's AAC system in daily life activities

  • Learn strategies and techniques to expand your child's communication skills

  • Understand how to troubleshoot challenges with your child's AAC device

  • Get your questions answered by an expert in AAC and assistive technology

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Garden State AAC Specialists serves children, teens, and adults in Flemington, NJ and surrounding areas. Our online teletherapy services are available throughout New Jersey.

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