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for School Districts


Garden State AAC Specialists provides AAC evaluations, professional development trainings, and contract speech therapy services to school districts across New Jersey.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluations

We collaborate with your school's treating speech therapist to determine which communication system will best meet an individual student's needs. Our comprehensive AAC evaluations include the following:

  • A minimum of two evaluation sessions per student

  • Low-tech and high-tech AAC device trials

  • A formal written AAC evaluation report with results and interpretation

  • Detailed speech therapy recommendations based on the student's unique communication needs

  • A recommended AAC system that will grow with the child, reducing the need for future AAC evaluations

  • An implementation plan to help your team get started with the AAC system

Professional Development &
Staff Trainings

We train professionals on topics specific to AAC, including evaluations, goal writing, therapy methods, implementation plans, literacy integration, professional collaboration, and more. Our professional development presentations are offered in-person and online to help speech therapists, teachers, and other professionals achieve the following outcomes:

  • Gain more knowledge about AAC systems

  • Confidently use new tools and strategies to support students with complex communication needs 

  • Improve access to the classroom curriculum for AAC users

  • Develop problem solving and decision making skills related to AAC in the school setting

AAC Coaching Services for
School Support Teams

Our coaching and consultation services are designed to support speech therapists, teachers, and paraprofessionals in the classroom. We provide opportunities for your team to practice AAC strategies and problem solve in the moment with their students. Depending on your team's specific needs, coaching topics may include:

  • Classroom AAC implementation strategies

  • Programming of high-tech AAC devices

  • Application and device specific trainings

  • Support for evaluations, IEP goal writing, and progress monitoring for AAC users

  • Opportunities to ask questions and troubleshoot AAC systems, devices, and implementation plans

Get Started Today

Garden State AAC Specialists serves school districts in Flemington, NJ and surrounding areas. Call 908-652-4403 or email to get started.

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